Thursday, March 30, 2017

Seismic Shift in World Order

With the rejection of the TPP and the US withdrawal from the world stage, Trump and the Progressives will have ceded world dominance to China and leadership of the Free World to  Germany, or perhaps no one at all.  Russia will only grow stronger.

Presumably Trump is doing this to put America First, but in fact loss of American global dominance and free world leadership actually makes America less prosperous or secure, and consequently not as great as we are today.

Every knowledgeable person I know says the US always gets what it wants in international  trade agreements, and our NATO and other military presence globally underpins much of our economic dominance, as well as our security.

America First, anti-trade and isolationism, will actually hurt America , both morally and economically , and will make America less secure.


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  1. Perhaps we are giving too much credence to government and bureaucracy and public policy. The analogy is Trump's Wall; ridiculous in the 21st century as a moat.
    The "Disrupters" will make the economy work around tax policy and trade agreements and all the constructs of the little minds who work through government.
    Large multi-nationals make a big deal about various legislation, regulation, and government incentives, but they go on working around and through any of the alternatives, devising new ways of making things happen. The best immigrants will get to the US, the best thoughts will develop here and in our closest allied countries, and the strength of the US will be in our schools and most brilliant students, our labs and incubators, financing and funding sources, and all resources that are more abundant here than anywhere else. When there is a better place for all that, we lose, not because of some misguided hack politicos building walls.