Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Things that make no sense to me-part 1

Things that make no sense to me:

1. Cuts in public sector jobs as demanded by GOP  and GOP complaining about high unemployment rate.

2. Lowering retirement age in Europe when people are living longer healthier lives.

3. Fewer teachers when we want to improve education.

4. Fewer cops when we want to reduce crime.

5. Fewer talented immigrants allowed into US when they enhance our country . Quotas should be based on education rather than nationality;  by all means let the better educated ones in.

6. Illegal immigrantes taking jobs from their own fellow legal immigrants , yet they support them. While quite selfless, it still seems illogical.

7. State and local employees with better union rights than federal employees.  Except for teachers, police and fire, it makes no sense to have state and local employees have more collective bargaining rights than federal workers.

8. Why can't government issue anyone who wants one a free picture ID.

9. Euro without a fiscal  union.

10. China without democracy; how long will that last.

11. Islamic separation of state and religion.

12. Hunger in midst of plenty.

13. Lack of universal health care.

14. Fear of nuclear power. How many have died? Very few, none at Fukushima.

15. Terrorist treated as criminals rather than war enemies. Why aren't they enemy combatants?

16. Gold as a valuable medium of exchange. Why is it so valuable?

17. Why not spend for infrastructure ? The companies and workers are private sector not government.

18. Germans who retire at 67 , bailing out Greeks who get to retire at 60.

19. Media that can't separate lies from facts. Being balanced is no excuse for not identifying lies and half-truths.

20. Democrats who want more jobs but are anti-business.

21. Asking banks to make more loans and then criticizing banks for making more loans.

23. US Open golf where they make the course much tougher for the tournament, but reduce par to 70 from 72 or 71.


Monday, June 11, 2012

Income gap action plan update

After the Scott Walker recall  debacle -- if you're going to attack a "king", you'd better kill him-- I went back and pulled out my action plan to actually narrow the growing gap between the haves and have nots ( different from the 1% v.99%) in our country.

I'm pleased to report that shareholder actions have picked up, at least in a very public way, and pressure is growing to rein in out sized executive compensation. While I can't take all of the credit for this , I can only assume people are reading my blog!

As to strengthening unions and thus raising middle class compensation, last night was a real set back, and ill-advised, for the reasons I set forth below regarding public employee unions, as opposed to private sector unions.

The failure to recall Govenor Walker ( people don't like recalls for anything less than malfeasance) really set the whole union movement back. I guess it's remarkable they did as well as they did, but who cares if you lose.

Again I believe that private sector unions must be divorced from public sector.The state and local public employee unions should operate the same way as federal workers unions do.

Doesn't anyone see the irony of pubic employees working for Obama having no greater rights than public employees working for Scott Walker?

We need stronger private sector unions, but being associated with the public sector, where the tax payers are the owners, only makes it harder. Within the public sector we have to look at teachers , police and firemen differently from other government employees. Those three categories of government workers are more vital than the others who are more akin to federal employees who have very limited collective bargaining rights.

 A reformed private sector union movement, which works with management to both increase profits and increase worker compensation and benefits, is needed to strengthen the middle class and narrow the income gap that threatens the very stability of our country.