Monday, June 19, 2017

Jobs, jobs, jobs?

Help me out here with the following :

1. Trump, as well as Sanders, and all politicians for that matter, promise
they will put Americans back to work by creating millions of new jobs.

2. The unemployment rate is at 4.3%

3. Many stories abound lamenting the number of unfilled job openings.

For example, Governor Walker, at a recent Trump rally, talked about the all
time high number of job openings in Wisconsin . Most were not high tech.

This morning I read a story in a real estate publication about a near
crisis of a labor shortage in the construction industry ( no advanced
education needed I assume). Projects may not be built due to shortage of

How do we reconcile 1 with 2 and 3 above?

Notwithstanding what we're otherwise told, apparently the jobs are already out there
and they don't all require advanced education.

I'd like to see a thoughtful, well researched analysis on this apparent

Monday, June 5, 2017

Trump Surrenders

Donald Trump has essentially surrendered America's geopolitical,  military and economic leadership, influence and  prominence in the world; all to the detriment of our country's security and prosperity.

While this harkens back to old fashioned  "America First " and "Know Nothing" doctrines of the past, it won't work in today's global economy and geopolitical world. While some may call this "Splendid Isolationism", it seems more like "Belligerent Isolationism"; given his propensity to throw bombs and missiles around at will.

The United States will be diminished.

How can this be allowed to stand ? Where is  the traditional GOP and real Conservatives?  Sadly many Progressives may not object to certain this aspects of  Trump's strategy.

We can't allow the Trumpkins, the Greedy and the GOP job holders to harm our country unchecked.

Yes, Trump is  the "Disrupter" his supporters have longed for, but be careful what you wish for:  The climate change and health care debacles and coming tax "reform" ( with ballooning deficits and debt) will overwhelmingly benefit the rich to the real detriment of everyone else, including most true believer Trump supporters.

As I've written before, with the rejection of the TPP and our withdrawal from the world stage, Trump will have ceded world dominance to China and Russia and leadership of the "Free World " to perhaps Germany, or no one at all.

Russia will be the primary beneficiary of all this , along with China. Trump has given Russia the green light in Europe and the northern Middle East, and China a free hand in Asia and everywhere else.

As to Germany, after Trump has disparaged their country and its leader, there are hints that Germany may have no choice other than to re-arm. Do we really want that?

He has alienated both Canada and Mexico, among others. To what end?
The only allies of ours that are happy with Trump are Israel ( sadly), kings  and autocrats.
Presumably he's doing this to put America First, but in fact loss of American global dominance and free world leadership actually will make  America less prosperous and secure, and consequently not as great.

For example, every knowledgeable person I know says the US almost always gets what it wants in all international  trade agreements, and our NATO and other military presence globally underpins and sustains much of our economic dominance and prosperity.  If you don't believe me, just ask any Leftist.

America First, anti-trade and isolationism will actually hurt America, both morally and economically,  and will  make America less secure.

Unless there is an about-face after the next election or two, things will start to go in the wrong direction for our country.