Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Ed Show ?

I just watched the Ed Show show  yesterday on the day the government sold its last block of stock in GM.  He was praising the auto industry "loan" from the government and how successful that turned out and never referred to it as a bailout .

While I agreed with what the government did with the auto industry ,  why did Ed keep referring to  that action as  a "loan" rather than a bailout.  Ed always refers to what was done for the banks as a  "bailout ". 

 Both actions were the same. However characterizing one as a loan, is  benign; the other, as a bailout, is evil.

The banks repaid all their loans/bailouts with a $40 Billion Dollar plus profit to the taxpayers. The auto industry loans/bailouts resulted in an acceptable $10 Billion Dollar loss.

By the way, the banks employ many more workers than the auto industry.

Why the disparate treatment by Ed ?

Just saying.