Tuesday, January 5, 2016

ACA- Worth it?

When you consider how many are still uninsured and how much the Democratic Party has been hurt, and will continue to be hurt  for quite a while, was the Affordable Care Act worth it?

According to a Huffington Post article in March, while the number of uninsured fell by 11 Million, we still have 37 Million uninsured. Plus most of the newly insured came from the expansion of Medicaid.  Why haven't we done better than that?

It seems that largely due to the passage of the ACA, a GOP tidal wave took place in the 2010 election. And since 2010 was a census year, the GOP controlled and gerrymandered both Congressional and state districts to lock in GOP majorities in the House of Representatives. Those gerrymandered GOP majorities will stay in place at least until 2020.

With all of the havoc which the GOP controlled House has and will reek, was it worth it if more than 3/4 of the pre-ACA uninsured remain uninsured. In addition  many people who had insurance feel their insurance  options are worse today than before ACA.

Will we look back on this as a good beginning , as with social security or Medicare , or a political disaster with not enough positive impact?

Understand, I'm for single payer or Medicare for all. While many provisions of the ACA are beneficial, I just question whether the ACA is accomplishing it's core primary goal of eliminating the uninsured.